Erotic massage session for a Valentine s day gift

Don’t know what present to buy for Valentine’s day? Think about massage sessions, but go a step further.
Valentine’s day is coming! The movie “Fifty shades of Grey Freed” is coming. The mood is set. Let’s spice things up a bit! How about an erotic massage session for couples?
It has the same benefits as regular, it helps you eliminate stress, induces a state of well-being, but it comes with the benefit of strengthening the emotional bond between you and your partner.
Sexual energy can be found in each and one of us. It can be woken up by feelings, emotions and our inner universe. But there are also unknown buttons on your body that trigger sexual energy by the touch of erotic massages.
Why should you try an erotic massage session?
Spice up your sex life – Even if you massage sessions are happy with your sex life, you can still try something new just to add it as a life experience together. Think about it, something new, different and exciting will make you and your partner get to know each other better.
Fulfill a fantasy – Fantasies are healthy. An erotic massage session can be the perfect opportunity to make it real and explore your bodies.
Discover new sensations – You may discover new pleasures and new sensations together. How? Both of you can learn more about your bodies and learn what works well for the two of you.
Grow the emotional bond between partners – Respect, understanding, support and love are the base of a strong relationship. This way you can be open with your partner in the sex department, tell each other what you need and what you want.  An erotic massage session can increase the level of trust and grow the love you share.

Massage sessions are healthy and should become part of your routine. But an erotic massage session for couples can help you better connect with your partner emotionally, mentally and sexually. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Zeus’ Lament

I speak in dreams with Hercules my successor for the shepherdess seethes when I sit with him and share laughter she won’t see in him is my scent my shades and my shadow in him my breath my pain and my passion how long to the day I sip with him octaves of my resurrection how long to the night I take him back to the caves of qalabazi I sit on my mountain my lightning sizzled from my tears my beard melting like steel I have felled Titans and Poseidon but cannot fight those who don’t feel I will therefore seek him in the future as samurais seek the past as gods seek Olympus as a father seeks his boy because I am Hercules and Hercules he is I.

Obama Is Nietzschean

For many years, the United States has been suffering from political nihilism — disbelief in its institutions.

I have seen political nihilism in various Muslim countries around the world. It manifests itself as a form of futility, the feeling that one cannot recover from what is ailing the people.

Two common results occur. The people either find escape from themselves by embracing the mundane or they lash out in frustration against others. In Muslim countries, the mundane is an unhealthy obsession with the arcane points of Islamic jurisprudence, and the frustration is directed towards America, Israel and women. In the American context, the mundane is an unhealthy obsession with meaningless celebrities, and frustration is directed towards Iraq, Iran and women.

How are we to clamber out of our psychological doldrums? What is the best way to push back against our political nihilism?