redeeming singleness, by Barry Danylak

I read a book.
And tonight, I post.

That it was forwarded by John Piper was the only thing that convinced me to purchase the book, redeeming singleness:  How the storyline of Scripture affirms the single life.

It isn’t so much I needed his endorsement but I suspected it would be a deeper book than those which offer prayer suggestions for how to weather the dreadful purgatory of being unmarried. And it wasn’t.  Thank goodness.  Danylak gives a great explanation of the ancient covenants which shape the Christian faith and are largely unobserved in today’s churches. Some thoughts:
 1. The ancient Jewish culture cast shame over being childless because it was through children that your name was carried on through to future generations.  Carrying on your name was huge in old time Jewish culture.
 2.Jesus fulfilled the covenants and in so doing, ensured names were carried on to future generations through acknowledgment by God.  written in the book of life, so to speak.
 3.Kings in ancient days were served by eunuchs who dedicated themselves to a childless state as a sign of complete loyalty and servant-hood to the king.
 4.Jesus Christ died childless. A most loyal servant to The King.

And yet, attend any protestant, evangelical wingding alone and the sympathy cards arrive in your mail box in 3 to 5 days. Is being unmarried purgatory?

As the Apostle Paul puts it, marriage is fine.  So is non-marriage. Dedicated to God, free of family distractions and ready for service at a moment’s notice.

And freely able to accept dinner invitations at the neighbour’s anytime, anywhere.