Radical egalitarianism

I was filling in for the Grade 3/4 Lutheran Sunday School teacher today. The lesson was on work and had the kids reading through the entirety of Luke chapter 10. I hadn’t planned to spend any time on “it would be more bearable that day for Sodom“, but the kid stumbled on the word and then they wondered what it meant so I briefly ran through the demise of Sodom when one of the boys said, “I heard about a town in Saskatchewan that was covered by an avalanche.” Aside from the fact that Saskatchewan is as flat as a pancake, I didn’t want them to get the idea that any old act of God was divine retribution so I told them of the story of the ELCA convention.

Without troubling them with the gory political details, I included the part where the weather forecast was clear, that it didn’t harm anything but the conference area, the dangling cross and the coincidental timing of the vote “where they were making decisions that weren’t in the Bible”. A light-hearted grade 3 version if ever there was one.

“Now sometimes a tornado is just a tornado,” I said.

Their eyes got wide. “Yeah, but that’s really, really weird!” they said.

“What do you suppose the church people did?” I said.

“I bet they changed their minds as quick as could be!!” They answered.

“No,” I said. “They continued on and made the decisions anyway that same afternoon.”

“You’re kidding.” they said.

“No.” I said.

Then we continued on in chapter 10.