Punjabi Flamenco

I love Flamenco. I have written about the intersection between Indo-Pak kathak dancing with Flamenco before, called Fire-Dance. That was one of the biggest youtube hits on this blog (but the video is no longer available).

Check out this Punjabi guitarist merging Flamenco guitar with a popular Indian song. Bollywood freaks will recognize the song as the immensely popular, and haunting, song from the film Bombay which was about Hindu-Muslim riots and featured such a cute little actress. I am putting the youtube cuz of the dancing.

If you’re in the mood for vocals, you should go on Latafat Ali Khan’s Myspace page and listen to the first song. What will men give to one another, it is God who is the giver. My killer is my judge, will He rule in my favor? It’s quite beautiful.

Second one is nice as well. If you break my heart, you will regret it, when my memory haunts you, what will you do?