POLAND: Was President Murdered?

Back in 2010 when Polish President Lech Kaczynski and 95 other people where killed in a plane crash I thought it very odd.  I suspected they were all murdered but Polish and Russian investigators at the time claimed almost immediately (read…too soon) that the plane crash was not the result of explosives placed aboard the plane.  I thought they were too quick to conclude that so I still suspect there was foul play involved.  Now comes a report from The Daily Mail claiming that Polish prosecutors and experts have now determined that more recent tests confirm the presence of TNT and nitroglycerine on at least 30 seats on the plane!  Further, the substances were also found on the areas linking the fuselage with the wings.  This according to Poland’s leading media Rzeczpospolita.

The jet carrying the President crashed in Russia in 2010 killing President Kaczynsk and everyone on board.  The plane crashed near Smolensk and other investigators are claiming that the substance traces actually came from unexploded WW2 bombs in the Smolensk area!  Poland’s military prosecutor office plans to respond to the reports soon.  At the time of the crash Russian investigators blamed the Polish flight crew for trying to land in heavy fog which resulted in the plane crashing.  At that time Polish air traffic controllers should not have allowed the plane to attempt to land, Russian investigators said.  Since the time of the crash Poland’s right wing groups have claimed the crash could have been an assassination of the Preisdent and military and political leaders who were with him on the plane.

Official reports from the incident find no third party involvement or conspiracy.  But the crash has been a matter of great controversy for the past 2 years.  Polish prosectuor Mikolaj Przybyl shot himself in the head shortly after the incident.  He had been defending a military investigation into leaks having to do with the crash involving the prosecutor’s office allegedly illegally obtaining phone records of journalists who were reporting on the crash.  During a press conference in January he asked reporters to leave his office for 5 minutes and they did.  He then tried to kill himself but was saved by a man trying to sort out messages in the same room.