How To Optimize Adsense!

More or less we all know that Adsense is a good way of earning money. For bloggers it is one of the most important way of earning. Creating new and unique articles with well optimized adsense can fetch you good amount of money. But only placing adsense in your site or blog will not enough to earn huge. It is important, where you place the adsense. You can obviously put it in your site panel, but it’s much worthy to put the Adsense within the content. There is better chance of getting clicks.

POLAND: Was President Murdered?

Back in 2010 when Polish President Lech Kaczynski and 95 other people where killed in a plane crash I thought it very odd.  I suspected they were all murdered but Polish and Russian investigators at the time claimed almost immediately (read…too soon) that the plane crash was not the result of explosives placed aboard the plane.  I thought they were too quick to conclude that so I still suspect there was foul play involved.  Now comes a report from The Daily Mail claiming that Polish prosecutors and experts have now determined that more recent tests confirm the presence of TNT and nitroglycerine on at least 30 seats on the plane!  Further, the substances were also found on the areas linking the fuselage with the wings.  This according to Poland’s leading media Rzeczpospolita.

The jet carrying the President crashed in Russia in 2010 killing President Kaczynsk and everyone on board.  The plane crashed near Smolensk and other investigators are claiming that the substance traces actually came from unexploded WW2 bombs in the Smolensk area!  Poland’s military prosecutor office plans to respond to the reports soon.  At the time of the crash Russian investigators blamed the Polish flight crew for trying to land in heavy fog which resulted in the plane crashing.  At that time Polish air traffic controllers should not have allowed the plane to attempt to land, Russian investigators said.  Since the time of the crash Poland’s right wing groups have claimed the crash could have been an assassination of the Preisdent and military and political leaders who were with him on the plane.

Official reports from the incident find no third party involvement or conspiracy.  But the crash has been a matter of great controversy for the past 2 years.  Polish prosectuor Mikolaj Przybyl shot himself in the head shortly after the incident.  He had been defending a military investigation into leaks having to do with the crash involving the prosecutor’s office allegedly illegally obtaining phone records of journalists who were reporting on the crash.  During a press conference in January he asked reporters to leave his office for 5 minutes and they did.  He then tried to kill himself but was saved by a man trying to sort out messages in the same room.

Punjabi Flamenco

I love Flamenco. I have written about the intersection between Indo-Pak kathak dancing with Flamenco before, called Fire-Dance. That was one of the biggest youtube hits on this blog (but the video is no longer available).

Check out this Punjabi guitarist merging Flamenco guitar with a popular Indian song. Bollywood freaks will recognize the song as the immensely popular, and haunting, song from the film Bombay which was about Hindu-Muslim riots and featured such a cute little actress. I am putting the youtube cuz of the dancing.

If you’re in the mood for vocals, you should go on Latafat Ali Khan’s Myspace page and listen to the first song. What will men give to one another, it is God who is the giver. My killer is my judge, will He rule in my favor? It’s quite beautiful.

Second one is nice as well. If you break my heart, you will regret it, when my memory haunts you, what will you do?

Vaping eliquids using e-cigarettes: safe or not?

If you are still smoking cigarettes and think that vaping eliquids is not good for you, then you might reconsider the idea because we are here to tell you the truth: vaping eliquids is safe and also very tasty!

The Royal College of Pysicians and also British Charities such as British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK agree that vaping eliquids is so much safer than smoking and it can also save lifes! Many smokers already made the swich from classic cigarettes to vaping eliquids using e-cigarettes, improving the health of themselfs and protecting the health of their loved ones.
Vaping eliquid is less harmful than tabacco cigarettes because vapes are different than tabacco smoke and you can also choose the amount of nicotine in your eliquid. FreeSmoke – Eliquid Shop in UK is giving you the option of choosing the amount of nicotine in your product, starting with 0 mg to 6 or more mg/nicotine and you can also choose between lots of tasty flavours.

More than 70% of British ex-smokers are using e-cigarettes today and further than 720.000 people have already managed to quit smoking for good after swiching to vaping, then completely quit.
If you are the only one smoking in your home, you should know that most of breathing deseases at non-smokers are caused by staying around smokers while smoking. Vaping eliquids won’t harm the health of your loved ones, because nothing is burning here and the only one in straight contact with the vapes is you. Also, if you have toddlers or small kids around the house, don’t be afraid that they will drink eliquids, because they are bottled with childproof cap, so they won’t be able to open the bottle.

Do you know that bad taste after smoking a tabacco cigarette? One of the best parts in vaping eliquids is that you can choose between a large variety of flavours and sweet tastes, wich are delicious and won’t harm your tongue. You can find many premium eliquid flavours on, with natural flavours and extracts, but also with surprising mixes of flavours such as apple pie and cinnamon with cream.

Vaping eliquid is also safe for your pocket, because it’s way more cheap than smoking! Maybe a box with tabacco cigarettes  will be enough for one or two days if you are a big smoker, but a bottle of eliquid is going to be enough for a couple of days, maybe even weeks.
We have so many reasons to think that, YES!, vaping eliquids are safer than smoking, but if you want to convince yourself, try out right today!

Electronics for absolute beginners

So, if you are an absolute beginner in electronics , I suppose there are to many things that I “should “ talk about first, but then again, there are a few notions of elementary physics that we’re not going to cover in any posts on this blog, assuming that whoever is reading this already has them all covered, and by elementary notions I mean common sense electricity and optical physics.
    To keep things as simple as we can, so that anyone can fully understand the concept, “electronics” basically means that you have a power supply of some sort, connected to a main board with circuits and other parts that allow electricity to flow trough them thus the machine, the motor , the computer, phone etc, can perform certain operations and functions. Think about the primitive TV for example. No electronic board could and won’t function without diodes, transistors and capacitors for example.
Keeping it simpler than that, do you know who and when he invented the first battery? Well, it was a count! Yes, it was Count Alessandro Volta, and he invented it in 1700’s!
Going back to basic electronics , to understand a board you need its schematic or diagram. The circuits can be organized in series or parallel. Bulbs in parallel get the full voltage of a battery for example.
Another important part of the electronic board is the resistor. These “guys” limit the flow of electricity trough a part of the circuit so that they are useful to timers, to dividing voltages or limiting the voltage of machines that are sensible to high values, more information on
Also we talked about transistors. These are by far in my opinion the most important part of modern electronics! They literally revolutionized it! Most of them are used for amplifying a sinusoidal signal. There are polar and bipolar transistors. They also act like stabilizers for high voltage power switches!

Employers Cut JOBS as Obamacare Looms!!

The latest regarding Obamacare is the Darden Restaurants has now stopped giving employees full time hours to hourly workers in some of their establishments that include Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and LongHorn Steakhouses. Ah yes, “free” healthcare in exchange for JOBS! Makes sense to me, how about you?

Darden says staffing changes are just one item they are considering as the evaluate what impact Obamacare will have on their business and cost implications. They may expand the staff cuts to more of their establishments as they get more information about how Obamacare is going to impact them. Several other companies are considering cutting staff because of the new healthcare law which goes into full effect in 2014. Beginning in January 2013 the 21 NEW TAXES begin btw. The law stipulates that employers must provide health insurance to employees that work at least 30 hours per week. If they don’t then companies will be fined up to $3K per employee. As one executive said most likely many employers especially food and beverage industry employers are just going to make sure their employees don’t work 30 hours per week. Darden says they will keep their hourly employees at 28 hours per week. Industry analysts are warning that fewer hours may result in higher turnover and less qualified workers.

redeeming singleness, by Barry Danylak

I read a book.
And tonight, I post.

That it was forwarded by John Piper was the only thing that convinced me to purchase the book, redeeming singleness:  How the storyline of Scripture affirms the single life.

It isn’t so much I needed his endorsement but I suspected it would be a deeper book than those which offer prayer suggestions for how to weather the dreadful purgatory of being unmarried. And it wasn’t.  Thank goodness.  Danylak gives a great explanation of the ancient covenants which shape the Christian faith and are largely unobserved in today’s churches. Some thoughts:
 1. The ancient Jewish culture cast shame over being childless because it was through children that your name was carried on through to future generations.  Carrying on your name was huge in old time Jewish culture.
 2.Jesus fulfilled the covenants and in so doing, ensured names were carried on to future generations through acknowledgment by God.  written in the book of life, so to speak.
 3.Kings in ancient days were served by eunuchs who dedicated themselves to a childless state as a sign of complete loyalty and servant-hood to the king.
 4.Jesus Christ died childless. A most loyal servant to The King.

And yet, attend any protestant, evangelical wingding alone and the sympathy cards arrive in your mail box in 3 to 5 days. Is being unmarried purgatory?

As the Apostle Paul puts it, marriage is fine.  So is non-marriage. Dedicated to God, free of family distractions and ready for service at a moment’s notice.

And freely able to accept dinner invitations at the neighbour’s anytime, anywhere.